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BMC Auctions & Liquidations: Turning Your Assets into CASH

BMC Auctions has been a leader in the auction and liquidation industry having liquidated many plants in Metalworking, Woodworking, Plastics, Construction, and More

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How it works

1. Outright Buy

BMC Auctions will pay for all the assets or designated assets in your facility. We will then conduct an auction sale or liquidation retaining all the proceeds.

2. Participation Guarantee

BMC Auctions will guarantee the assets in your facility to bring a mutually agreed upon price, which will be paid prior to the sale. BMC Auctions will use the proceeds to reimburse for the paid guarantee plus agreed upon expenses and then split the remaining proceeds at a mutually agreed upon percentage.

3. Commission Sale

BMC will sell the assets in your facility for an agreed upon commission rate

Sell Your Surplus Machinery

Whether you are looking to sell one or many pieces of equipment, BMC Auctions & Liquidation will buy or advertise your equipment turning your surplus assets into cash that can be used for future investments.



Asset Purchase

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Upcoming Auctions

There are no Upcoming Auctions at this time.

Please visit our Past Auctions page if you would like to see our previous auctions.

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Contact us with any questions regarding the above auction sales or liquidations or if you have surplus machinery, shutting down your plant or know of another company closing

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